Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiring me to change my thinking

I download podcasts to listen to as I walk. It helps the time go by and I am enjoying the things I am listening to. A few more weeks and I will be all caught up in listening to the daily broadcasts of Focus on the Family. The other day as I walked I listened to an interview that they did with Chantel Hobbs about how she lost over 200 lbs without surgery or "dieting". She talked about a change in her mindset and a submission to turn this over to the Lord, because she did not want just a quick weight loss, she wanted a total change of life to begin being the best that she could be and that included her physical condition. It was a challenge to me .... why am I doing this challenge? Is it to lose some more pounds and drop another dress size or is it because I am not treating my body the best I can? To see a before and after picture and read a bio of Chantel look here.
I don't have her book , nor the money to buy it right now, but I can follow some of the simple steps she talked about in her interview. Right now I am starting with exercise since the weather has finally cooperated and I am loving seeing the mileage total rise. The scale is not showing much so soon I need to focus a bit more on some more food changes. I am still pretty much eating what I want .... I need to do better.
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