Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tickers and Tracking Figures

Tickers and Keeping Track of figures:

Everything is worth it´s straight value. No points this time. I may do extra points and then we can add that to the tickers later but, for now, I thought it would be easier to count everything as 1.

Minutes: Should be a minimum of 10 min. inorder to count them. You can add up your workouts through the day. For example today I ran for 24 min. and did an abs work out for 16 min. I would put on my ticker 40 by the min. section of my ticker.

Miles: every mile is one. Unless you are biking and then we have determined you should half your distance. For example today I ran 2 miles. I would put 2 miles on my ticker. The other day I biked 6 miles, that would equal 3 miles. The reason being that you can go farther on bike. It´s easier. So biking miles = half.

Inches and lbs are the same idea. Count 1 for each one you lose.

Count one for each post you do as well. Remember only one per week and one tip per week.  of course you can post more if you want to though. Just doesn´t count on the ticker. It´s a little different but, I hope it works.

To access your ticker:
Click on your ticker.
You will go to the ticker web site.
click on edit ticker.
Click on add
Type in the total amout of min. mi. in. lbs. and post for the day. in the window that pops up.
Don´t forget to update the message box with the appropriate amounts as well.
Your Pin is your first name.
Then click on Next
Your ticker will be automatically updated.
I highly recommend you keep track on paper too each day.

Any questions don´t hesitate to ask me at

Dani Joy
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