Thursday, June 3, 2010

Journal - June 3rd

Hello Friends~

Spring has sprung (finally) here in Sacramento and is quickly moving toward summer! We (dear hubby and I) are once again enjoying our evening walks! I also started taking the kids on the bike path in the morning, so I am (trying) to get double the time in. =)

Goal update ...
  • getting to bed on time - only twice
  • drinking 8 glasses of water - I'm at 4 big glasses
  • calories - haven't been counting closely, but I am starting to notice when I've eaten enough calories even when I'm not full. and my snacks are getting less often and smaller.
...still making progress (baby steps) but progress none the less.

Weight -0.8
Bust -0.5
Chest same
Waist +0.25
Hips -0.5
R Arm same
L Arm -0.25
R Thigh +0.25
L Thigh +.025
Total -1.25

Keep on keeping on! We can do it!
Thanks for the encouragement!
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