Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Milestone Reached!!!!

Well, we're coming up on the end of our 4th week and I am pleased to say I have reached a major milestone. I have reached the weight goal I set for myself when I first joined the fitness challenge back in October. There are now 20 pounds less of me than there used to be. I might have gotten here faster by doing lots more exercising or by being much stricter on my diet but I am most pleased because I have done this in a way that I believe I can maintain the weight loss and keep up the exercise as a life change. So, no, I have not cut all processed sugar out of my diet. I don't think that is a reasonable goal for me. I am doing better at rethinking the automatic second helping that I was so used to having at lunch and dinner. Dessert is not a "given" every day but rather a once-in-a-while treat. I am drinking more water and unsweetened tea and trying to cut the soda way way back -- both for health reasons and to help with the budget.

I have 4 more pounds to go and I will reach 129 lbs. This is the "magic" number that the BMI calculators say should be my ideal weight. The first time I read that (when I was weighing in at 153) I rejected it flat out and thought it was IMPOSSIBLE. Now that I am so close, I am amazed at how relatively painless it was to get this close. I KNOW I will get there by the end of this challenge. I will probably still sign up for future fitness challenges with you great ladies, especially because I need the accountability to make me do the exercise.

Me with the kids as we walked around Toledo last Thursday for Corpus Cristi Day.

My facebook status today was so fun to write:

1.48 stone, 320 ounces, 9.07 kilos ... however you count it as of today I have lost 20 pounds since October!
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