Monday, August 30, 2010

Faith, Fitness, and Fun 5 week Seminar

Hi Ladies,

How was your summer? How did you do keeping motivated on your fitness journey? Are we getting geared up for the new school year? Are you thinking of ways to keep fit and healthy? Are you looking for more support and accountability?

Here in El Paso, TX, I am excited to announce, that we will be holding a 5 week Faith, Fitness and Fun Seminar. It will include these topics:

Baby Steps on Your Fitness Journey for Life,

1. Get a Prayer!

2. Get a Plan!

3. Get Moving!

4. Get Measuring!

5. Get Accountable!

I will be posting our notes and progress on our private Faith, Fitness and Fun blog.

If you are not in El Paso, TX, but would like to join us by coorospondance, you may do so by posting on the blog or by e mail. I will add your progress to our charts if you would like. Let me know if you want to be included on our progress charts. All I will need are weekly measurements. If you just want to just give what you are losing and your exercise minutes, that is fine. You can find how to measure in the catagories section of this blog.  Please e mail me if you want to join in.

We are making this seminar a challenge as well. Here are the catagories for the 5 weeks inches lost, weight lost, exercise minutes and class participation/blogging.

1 point for each inch lost.

1 point for each pound lost

1 point for each 20 minutes of exercise

PLUS 10 points per class! (or for blogging on class days.)

We will be starting our Christmas Crunch Challenge the third week of October (Lord willing)  Please, let me know if you will be interested in this up coming challenge, as well. We all need the encoureagement and support.

If you have any questions, ideas, and/or helps, please feel free to e mail me.

Staying fit His Service,
Dani Joy

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