Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week

Isn't it amazing how when you decide to change something in your life you end up pulling an all-niter, the weather changes, or the kids schedules go all crazy?!!!
When Dani emailed me the invitation to join this seminar I was so excited. It seems every time that I am ready to start eating right and making sure to exercise Dani starts another contest. =)
I started off great on Tuesday I got up on time, went to bed on time, drank enough water, didn't have second helpings and made sure that hubby and I got our walk. =)
Wednesday it was hot! It was over 100*, I definitely drank enough water, got up on time, and didn't have second helpings. I wanted to skip our walk (because it was so hot) but hubby wanted the time away from the children's ear to chat about his day at work (which was horrible), so we meandered. I started reading a book and ended up staying up way too late (a common problem for me). Just about the time I was headed to bed hubby woke up and wanted to chat about how to deal with the work issue the next day at work and we were up until 6:30 am (all niter).
Thursday, I did not get up on time. I had seconds on my favorite caffeine fix (Pepsi) ... alright I probably had more than 2. We skipped our walk and went out to dinner (it was too hot and I was too tired) instead.
Friday we cleaned for company... no walk, too much food.
Pretty much it went downhill from there. Sunday and Monday were spent in front of the computer finalizing school plans (because we started on Tuesday).
Homeschooling 4 with a preschooler has been a very big challenge (and a lot of stress) which means (you guessed it) comfort food. I am now once again ready to get started. I measured last week, but forgot this morning.
We'll see how Friday goes ...
(well, Dani, you said our stories encouraged you ...)
Have a great week everyone!
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