Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kathryn´s CCCII Journal 1

After being away from my exercise program for 6 weeks, I restarted this past Monday.  I'm still feeling a little sore because of not using some of my muscles for so long, but at least I'm back in the game.  Like I mentioned in my testimony, I use the WiiFit Plus.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Wii, I'll give a brief explanation.  With the Wii  program you are able to pick from exercises, jogging, balance, and fun games.   The activities are timed or numbered.  The program keeps track of your weight and activity progress for you.  This makes it easy for me to keep track of what I actually do each day.  I usually do 15 minutes of exercise, 10 minutes of jogging, and then 15 more minutes of exercise 6 times a week.  For some of the exercises, I use home made weights.  I started using weights this spring which has really helped me lose more weight.  The program also has an activity log of which you can add more minutes of other activities you do throughout the day (such as: swimming, sweeping, walking, etc.).  I do my jogging indoors with my Wii partners.  Because I have added most of our church members to the Wii program, I'm able to jog with them every morning.   I have three daughters in Arizona, but I get to see them on the tv screen every morning with our church family jogging right beside me.   This makes my morning jog much nicer!   I'm also able to pray for them as they jog by me.  :-)   I enjoy the WiiFit Plus!   :-)
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