Friday, October 15, 2010

Dani Joy´s CCCII Journal 1 - Pushing Myself Just a Little More

Hey my Crunching Sisters,
It is day 3 of our Christmas Crunch Challenge. I must say, I am very pleased with the involvement and participation. I know that we will be getting the tickers moving more throughout the week, because there isn´t too much to record just yet.  If you still have questions about the tickers please let me know. I highly recommend that you post your points weekly so that we all can be encouraged to keep pushing ourselves.

Here I am with Charlie C. this past weekend right before we started the Crunch. She is helping me with comments and the tickers. She and I have enjoyed walking together in the past. We are committed to working on cardio and strength these 10 weeks. 
Here I am with Sherry B. on my last day in El Paso. We did the FFF Seminar together.  Sherry was a huge encouragement for me through our time in Texas. She and I would have our little chats durning the day right there at her desk. She is the school secretary.  We kept each other accountable.
Just wanted to share a little more about some of the ones who are on the Crunch. I know many of you personally and would love to share about each one of you. You all have made me better for Jesus! Iron sharpeneth Iron.

Here is what I have been doing this week.
Eating - smaller portions, mostly protien, fruits and veggies. ( I have been allowing myself a few little treats as I am just maintianing my weight, but I do need to be careful)

Exercise -
     - Monday - I swam
     - Tuesday- I had off  because we were on the road but I did leg lifts in the car.
     - Wednesday- walked 1mile,  Eliptical 2 miles, and 15 min ab workout.
     - Thursday- Jillian Michael´s No More Trouble Zones 55 minutes with 5# and 8# weights. (here is where I pushed myself. I am feeling it in my hiney and thighs! wooo hooo!!!)
     - Friday - I commit to running a few miles and doing an ab workout with stretching
     - Saturday- I probably will have to do either the Shred in the hotel or take the day off.
     - Sunday - FREE DAY

Ok, I need to get going!

Don´t forget your posting points and tip points. This motivates us all!

Keep Crunchin´it!

Your Crunchin´ Sister,
Dani Joy

I will post my measurements later. I took them Wednesday and they are very close to my ending Summer measurements. Thankfully.

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