Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello Everyone!

I'm Maribel and live in Petrer, Alicante, SPAIN where my husband (David Bell) and I, along with our three children (David-12, Andrea-10 and Daniel-7 ) serve the Lord as missionaries. Since I am from Spain, we work here in Spain. I teach at the elementary school my children attend in Mutxamel, Alicante, SPAIN, 30 minutes away. We are starting a church in the area and working with about 6 families. Thank you for your prayers.

Last year at this time I signed up for the first Christmas Crunch, and my main goal was to exercise more regularly. Being accountable helped me develop a habit that has brought out some muscles I did not think I would ever see. Even though I have seen the benefits of exercise, I many times relax and ride along with my everyday activity, which is not little. BUT, I am ready for some more challenge! I am planning to begin my Jillian M's exercise videos, jog a couple of times a week and swim at least once a week. Concerning my diet, I am very happy to see that my husband's and my desire to eat right reaching my pre-teen children. As a whole, our family has a lot healthier habits today than last year. This summer we visited family in California. They have changed their eating habits, trying to eat as natural as possible and avoiding any ingredients you cannot recognize. We are trying to apply that to our daily diet. We eat at school five meals a week, but we'll try to control what we eat at home. Our whole family is excited about this. We have met a neighbor who has goats and we are buying a cheese a week, and his chicken eggs. I'm excited to see what all I can learn from you all these two months we have ahead. Take advantage and set some spiritual goals as well. I'm working on being a better help meet for my husband. It will be great other ladies praying for each other.
Have a great time getting fit in all aspects of your life.


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