Saturday, October 16, 2010

Started out with a curve, but I'm back on track.

My refrigerator broke early in the week, took a few days, but its ok I fixed it. I wasn’t able to go shopping until Wednesday night, in the mean time my teenage son who is always hungry wanted pizza delivered!! I also realized I don’t own a scale, so purchased that also. I am 5 lbs heavier than I thought, but I decided I will stick with my original goal of losing 10 lbs in ten weeks.

I have increased my veggie intake, also since I cut back on red meat included more fish/seafood, beans, and found this wonderful multi-grain sandwich rounds from Nature’s Own. Delicious, I normally don’t like bread or whole grain, but these are great!

I am in a bible study class and spend most of my time reading and reflecting, it is great how the Lord worked this out at the same time as this! I pray for all of us everyday, peace, strength and encouragement!
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