Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back Home Again

It's good to be home, and able to eat at home. We spent the last two weeks traveling from Mass. to Iowa and back. It was a good trip, but I am very tired of fast food. Now that I am home, I will try harder to eat smarter, exercise more and learn about how to put up posts. (Thank you for the email link to get me started, Dani)
Yesterday, my daughter and I were trying to recall some of the things that we did last winter that worked well for us in our journey to eat healthier and lose some weight. I thought that I would share a few of these with you.
Last January, we decided that it was time to do something about our lifestyle, and we decided to do it together. (Having an accountability partner right in the same house is definately a plus.) The previous April, when I learned that I had high blood pressure, I decided that it was time to lose some weight. However, by January I had only gone from 154 to about 148. After, partnering with my daughter the weight came off much better, and by spring I was down to 142.
Here are some of the tips that worked for us:
Get the junk food out of the house - remove the temptation.
Make sure to have good food choices, such as fruit available.
Eat more vegetables with supper. We would often have salad, sweet potatoes, and another veggie.
Try to have at least one or two fish suppers each week. Salmon on the G. Foreman grill was a favorite.
Stop buying soda and ice cream.
Make sure to eat breakfast. Most days we had cooked old fashioned oatmeal & raisins.
Drink plenty of water.

Jen ended up losing 20 lbs. and I met my goal of losing 15 lbs. I am now holding at 139/140 depending upon the day. My goal is to maintain this weight and increase my exercise. At one time I made it to 137, and have thought that it would be nice to see 129 again. We'll see......

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, and thanks to my sister for challenging me to join this fitness challenge.
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