Monday, November 8, 2010


Good Morning Ladies! (as is every morning, perfect, and "GOOD", praising God with its beautiful smells and colors, showing God's glory and refreshing our spirits faithfully!) Hope your week has been exhaustingly productive in light of His kingdom :)...
We've just completed a series on being "fishers-of-men". As I continue to seek God (1st) and improve my eating and fitness habits, I find that I have more energy and focus on serving God's purpose instead of my own. My "castle" is nowhere near as big as I tend to make it in light of God's kingdom. Sometimes I look at exercise as being a task instead of just part of my day. Trying to "work it in" is not the right attitude. Make a schedule...stick to it...don't think about it...just follow it. Reserve your thoughts for things above and your eyes will be more open for opportunities presented for you to serve/share Jesus :)...
Measurement update: I gained 2lbs (even though I had a stomach virus for 2 days)...gained my inch back in my bust and chest (yipee!)...lost .5in in my hips and .5in in my left arm so now my arms are even :)...hmmm... This week I will alternate cardio & strength training along with a daily bit of morning yoga.
Well, I love you all and love this fellowship God has blessed us with. It's pretty cool to build online relationships with sisters I've never met :)...! Praying daily specifically for you...Holy hugs & kisses!!!
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