Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Setting yourself up for success -- part 2

Yesterday I talked about how to prepare a bit to ensure that your workout gets done the next day. Planning ahead helps make it happen. This same mindset will help you set yourself up for success regarding your diet. This month I am trying to get back in the habit of menu planning. I was motivated to do it by 2 things at first. 1. It is the habit of the month over at the site that I subscribe to. 2. I know that I am entering a busy time of year and I know I need to have food planned or it won't happen and I have a family to feed every day. I need to take my job and ministry to them seriously and give it at least as much energy and forethought as I put into my other activities. The later motivation came as I started thinking about the fact that in order for me to have food options that were not filled with bad calories and carbs I would need to plan ahead what I wanted to eat and then make sure to buy the ingredients. Tuesday I made the menu for this week and then between yesterday and today I purchased the ingredients at 2 different stores. So far I have kept to the menu plan and we have had healthy meals. It was especially nice tonight to know that I had a good soup simmering in the crockpot and we did not have to eat cereal, sandwiches or fast food after we got home from prayer meeting (at almost 10 pm).
Today's lunch and dinner were as follows:
lunch -- broccoli casserole (with eggs, cottage cheese, broccoli and little melted cheese on top), Mediterranean salad.
Supper -- pizza soup (has round beef, pepperoni, red peppers, onions, tomato sauce, italian spices, small pasta shapes, topped with a little mozzarella cheese)
Do you know what you are going to eat tomorrow or are you just planning on "winging it"? I know what I plan to eat tomorrow .....but you'll have to wait till tomorrow's post to find out. Ü
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