Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Charlene C's Update

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to give everyone an update on how I am doing fitnesswise (hmmm... not sure that's a real word but I'm going to use it anyway LOL). I haven't been able to get in much fitness. These shorter days are not on my side. Between the busyness of the holidays, the craziness of my life lately and the fact that I have had a terrible cold has not helped at all.

On a better note, I have still been losing weight though not as much as I probably could have. I am now at 144 lbs. This is actually pretty good, considering I was 154 lbs. when I first started talking to Dani about joining the challenge. My official starting weight was at 152 lbs., so I lost 2 lbs. before the challenge officially started. I have 2 more lbs. to go to fulfill my goal, which I will continue to do even after this challenge is over.

I haven't been able keep up with my points. It's okay. Just knowing that you ladies are praying for me is a great encouragement.
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