Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dani Joy´s week 10 Journal Post

First of all,
Merry Christmas, Crunching Sisters!

Well, it has been a different kind of  Christmas CRUNCH for me.

I really struggled with food and exercise while traveling but am thankful I really didn´t gain too much. I have maintained and that was my whole goal for this Challenge.

Thank you all for your encouragement and I pray that this challenge was of encouragement to you as well.

I will post all my measurements and a picture later but for now just want to say I am still at it and even more so now that we are stationary for a month. I have to keep burning off all this Holiday food.

Monday, I got to go to the fitness center with my Mom and Dad for the first time. It is a wonderful place for them and I am so happy they are getting in shape and healthy there. I broke my personal best record on the treadmill doing the 5k that day too! I was so motivated by my mom and dad´s achievements.

Yesterday, was walking in the mall. Super speed, And today, was strength training. Over all I am on a good way to burning my 2000 calorie goal for the week. Praise the Lord!

My prayer for you ladies, is that you will continue on through the holiday season strengthening the skills you have learned. The joy of feeling God strengthen you. The joy of leaning on Him for your comfort and not on food. May you continue on your fitness Journey, and I will see you back this coming Febuary for our Spring Challenge.

Don´t forget you are God´s beautiful Creation,

Love in Him,
Dani Joy

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