Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heading into the final stretch

This week has not turned into the baking marathon I had originally anticipated. in fact, so far I have not baked anything. Good in the temptation area, not so good in the preparing for Sunday's refreshments department. I fear I will probably just be baking some bar cookies, brownies or a cake that can be cut into small squares. Or maybe I will just thaw out the leftover spritz cookies that I froze after the church celebrated our coworkers' 50th anniversary back in October.
I got a full hour in at the track yesterday and 40 minutes in on Monday. So far nothing today and it doesn't look promising since I have to leave in a few minutes for choir practice and then I HAVE to get some work done on the computer to finish up a Christmas present (a photo calendar) when I get home tonight.
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