Saturday, December 18, 2010

no car means more walking

Our car went into the shop yesterday. My husband saw that there was some fluid leaking and we stopped by the dealership before driving it out of town last night. Turns out something had damaged the radiator and it needs to be replaced. Praise the Lord He kept us safe on a recent long drive down south and when this was discovered we were in our hometown. The bad news? It won't be fixed until Monday night at the earliest. So that means buying bus/train/metro tickets for the whole family to be able to get to Choir practice tonight and then again to church tomorrow for the Christmas cantata and Sunday School program. Last night I did a lot of walking after dropping the car off. I didn't want to use a bus ticket so I just walked home after walking around doing a little shopping with my hubby and son. Today I needed to go to the post office to pick up a package that had arrived and also I was trying to find a medicine for my eye that has another broken blood vessel. I walked to 6 different pharmacies but noone had it in stock. They could order it but it won't be in till Monday. I came home and looked in the yellow pages and found a pharmacy that is open tomorrow and ordered the medicine. It should be ready for me to pick up when I get out of church tomorrow. Sooooo I got an hour in both yesterday and today. I didn't run since I am feeling very run down and have a cold or sinus infection starting, but I did walk briskly.
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