Saturday, February 26, 2011

Accountability 101

Meet Rosa and Edith, my sisters from Bolivia. Edith (on the right) returned to Bolivia last year, but Rosa (on left) came back to be with us. Well, I claim that she came back to be with me.

This month, she had asked me about some diet pills for one of her employers. I told her I have an even better pill- exercise. I promised to workout with her everyday whether together or apart. We decided on the 30 day Shred. She has done 12 days of the dvd already!

We measured on Wednesday, and I found out today that she had lost 2 kilos (4.6 lbs), plus 10 cm! Now if that doesn´t motivate, I don´t know what does.

Today, we didn´t get to exercise together, but she walks everyday. I planned a leisurly walk to the park to get my boys, but we ended up playing almost an hour of basketball!

Keep on Springing!

Dani Joy
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