Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dani´s S2SII 3rd Journal - some progress!

I am so excited to see some progress. The scales aren´t moving fast but, the volume is going down. Water retention is less and I am seeing some muscle toning! That 30 day Shred always rips me up! ;) I am reading similar results for you all too. That´s wonderful! Exercise is better than any metabolism boosting pill out there. It is also very stress relieving. You can pray and focus so much better, too! So many benifits.

My food choices at night need to be better. I need to eat less, late at night. This is tough as it is the time I get the munchies. I need to get some more fruit and more healthy protien choices. I know if I eat a salad with protien at night, and then just a tea with cheese or an apple, I lose weight by morning! ;)

Drum roll, please!!! I lost an inch and a half this week and one pound!  Changed measurements are - waist down to 29.5in,
Hips down to 37in, and bust down to 32in. yikes, this measurement can´t go down anymore, though! Why is it that the bust is the first place to lose?

This can count as 3 points. You all may do the same for every half inch, you may count 1pt. (same as a centimeter more or less)  I give all the glory to God and a big thank you to you, my sisters for keeping me accountable! woo hoo!

Cheering for ya´ll and praying!

Dani Joy
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