Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Enough Water?

This is something I struggle with..... ALOT!  Chances are, I would choose anything else over water to drink if it is in the fridge unless it is summer.  However, I find that I feel much better when I do get all 8 glasses of water in.  These are some of the different ways that I have tried in helping me achieve this: 

1. I used the mug I brought home from the hospital when I had our children.  I knew that I only had to drink so many of those and then I would be done.  It helped when I filled it up first thing in the morning.
2. Another thing that helped me was freezing a water bottle just until the water got icy.  I craved ice when I was pregnant with my son, so this helped me to get my 8 glasses of water in.
3. Lemon and orange slices made my water more exciting also.  Sometimes I used the Crystal Light flavorings for water bottles for something different.

Hope tips these help. :)
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