Friday, February 18, 2011

introduction: Alice (Madridmom)

Me next to the treat that Cindy Bunker brought over
when she flew in last week to visit us.
I love Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwiches!

Hi! I am Alice Dysert, aka Madridmom. My husband and I are church planters in Madrid, Spain and I have 4 children ages 8 - 15. I joined DaniJoy on the first Christmas Crunch last year (2009) and was able to get a good start on my goal to become more healthy and to see the number on the scale move out of the 150's and stay out. I was able to lose almost 10 pounds on that first challenge and I love the supportive response from all you ladies. I do have a tendency to get too many points from blogging and not from exercise so I really need to switch that around. By the end of the summer challenge last year I had made it down to 129 lbs -- a number I never in my wildest dreams expected I could see on the scale again. I was able to keep it off through the summer with lots of walking and sightseeing on our family vacation in August. Once I got back home and started eating badly again, and with the coming of fall and the holidays my weight started creeping back up. My official starting weight for this challenge as of Wed is 138.6 lbs but today the scale read 140.2. I did not ever want that tens digit to get back into the 40's so I think I finally have the fire lit under me to get off my backside and start moving again.
My husband has also put weight back on that he was able to lose last year and he is sure it is because of carbs in his diet. Once again he has made the statement that he will eat no more pasta, sugar, bread, rice or potatoes. This always frustrates me to no end because 1. I feel like I can't afford to buy enough meat to bulk up our meals with meat, 2. I am lazy when it comes to cooking veggies and making salads -- and veggies are my least favorite food so I balk at the idea of my diet being primarily made up of my least favorite food, 3. The whole idea of making such a large section of the food pyramid forbidden to me only makes me obsess and crave carbs all the more. UGH!!! I am going to need prayer in all this so that I can be the helpmeet God designed me to be for my husband. I am really struggling with my attitude right now and I know there are other areas in my life both spiritually and in the home that need my attention so I have to find a balance between spending time and energy on food, exercise and weight without neglecting the other things.
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