Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend fun

I am loving this weekend! It is a long weekend for our family as the kids did not have school yesterday. I decided yesterday would be my free day and I would not obsess over food choices. Since I had bought a box of strawberries at the market Wednesday I decided to slice up several of them and make french toast topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. The kids liked the treat and it made the morning special. Then we went to a local store that was having a special purchase sale on items from all around europe. We like to go and see what special treats we can find for the family. This is all supermarket stuff. The kids all picked out chocolate bars from Switzerland or Belgium for themselves. I was eyeing the chocolate and some of the stuff in the cookie aisle, but I ended up getting a box of whole wheat bowtie pasta from the Italy section. I am going to try making a serving for myself of that in a separate pan when I cook pasta for the family next time. I also found some sundried tomatoes. I tried them for the first time in Ireland when I visited some missionaries there a year ago. I liked them and have never found them in Spain before.
Some of the mothers of the kids in my daughter's class decided to take their kids to the big park to play since there was no school so Lydia and I met up with them when we got back from the store. We threw a few things in a bag to eat and walked very briskly, adding a little jogging in as well to get to where they were in the park. I brought a sandwich for her but had agood sized bowl of spinach salad in the fridge leftover from Thursday so I just grabbed that and it turned out to be a great lunch and healthy too, even if it was my "free day".
It is a good distance from our house and took us between 20 and 30 minutes to get there. She played hard the whole time and I visited a bit with the mothers for almost 3 hours. Then we had another 20 min. walk home.

This morning I weighed myself fully expecting to see the number stay the same or even move up since I was bad and broke out a bag of mint milano cookies that my son gave me for Christmas and proceeded to eat 5 or 6 of them while watching a movie last night. To my surprise, I had lost another 4/10 of a pound!

My family wanted to watch one of the dvd's that they had rented for the weekend when I got up this morning. It is one I had wanted to see too (The new version of the Karate Kid). But it was already 9AM and I wanted to get some workout in before the day got away from me. So, I decided to workout while watching the movie. I marched in place to warm up and then either jogged in place or did some of the other moves that Leslie Sansone has on her walk away the pounds videos. I kept at it for a full 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Tomorrow will be a busy day with services at church in the morning and evening so I do not expect to get a full workout in, although I may get 20 minutes of walking in if we have to park the car a long ways away from the church like we normally have to on Sunday mornings. I did pick up a cake at the supermarket (looks like it is like a pound cake) to have with the rest of the strawberries as "strawberry short cake" tomorrow after lunch. But it is a small cake and will be cut into several pieces so I am sure I won't have too much of it.
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