Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A confession and an achievement.

First off I must confess, yesterday I succumbed to temptation and ate 2 chocolate Easter bunnies. I know it’s early to even have Easter stuff in the house but post take FOREVER to reach Mexico and they were for a care package to my friend there. Now I have to go buy more. I’ve been craving chocolate since last Wednesday and TOM still hasn’t arrived, probably going to have to make a trip to my gyni Dr. I think my hormones are all messed up. Ho hum.

Now for my achievement, I’ve just completed a 30 min cardio workout!!! Yeah :o) as I mentioned yesterday, doing the same workout day in day out can get boring so I downloaded The Biggest Loser Workout 1 and tried it today. Wow, I stayed with the easier options but was still huffing and buffing like crazy. Feel great now though.

Keep springing girls!


Kathy <><
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