Wednesday, March 9, 2011

End of week 3 weigh-in with measurements

I was excited to see some changes FINALLY in the numbers today. I looked to try and find the post with my original measurements but I guess I never posted that for this challenge. Then I looked at my ending numbers from the Christmas Crunch challenge and got a little discouraged when I saw that all my numbers as of today are still bigger than where I was in December. I guess I really let myself get carried away over the holidays and into January.
I am most encouraged about the scale number going down 2 pounds. The measurements are a little funny, some went down and some went up slightly which is probably just a slight difference in where I put the measuring tape, especially on the arms and legs. I am excited about the waist # going down by 5 cm -- don't know if that is completely accurate but I should be noticing a difference in how my pants and skirts fit.

Here is where I started & Here is where I am right now:
weight 138.6 lbs 136.6 lbs -2 lbs.
bust 93.5 cm 95.5 cm +2 cm (huh?)
chest 85 cm 86 cm +1 cm
waist 90 cm 85 cm -5 cm (Yippee!)
hips 102 cm 101.5 cm -0.5 cm
R Thigh 58 cm 59 cm +0.5 cm
L Thigh 59 cm 58.5 cm -0.5 cm
R Arm 30 cm 30.5 cm +0.5 cm
L Arm 29.5 cm 29 cm -0.5 cm

Not sure how to figure points on the inches/centimeter measurements. Do we take the totals so that increases cancel out losses? I think I have a total loss of -2.5cm right? So I guess that is 2 points. Little by little....
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