Friday, March 25, 2011

Hard habits are so hard to break....

I made a horrible mistake this morning and it was all done out of habit. I'm still kicking myself for it. I didn't even want it, just pure habit. What is this horrible thing that I did?

Well I put some plain yogurt in a cup for Trevor and put some preserves in it, then........before I could catch myself.....I licked the spoon before putting it in the sink. Boohooo........ I didn't even think about it till a few minutes later. Oh well.....what can I say.......

So I don't get the 10 bonus points for today, plus I have to -5 for getting a lick of something I shouldn't have. What did this do for me?

Well, I made sure to drink my 2 Liters of Water and get a 60 minute workout in so that at least I won't have to subtract any points from my current total.

Hmmm...maybe I'll even be motivated enough to do extra so I can add more points on. LOL!!!!

As said before on this's the mindless things we do that get us in trouble.

Tomorrow is a new day..........(Didn't somebody from "Gone with the Wind" say that?)

Let's keep springing!!!!!!
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