Friday, March 4, 2011


Well, I measured myself, and I don't have much to report. I've had only 1/2 inch decrease in my bust and another 1/2 in my tummy. I'm still doing the Shred every day, except for Wednesday when I just did walking. I wanted to do it in the evening, but I had a migraine, and I've found I really can't exercise when I have a migraine without making things worse. Thankfully, Thursday, I felt fine when I woke up.

I thought we were ready to start level 2 on the Shred, but then I realized I had counted wrong, and we will start level 2 tomorrow (Saturday).

I've included an updated full length photo of myself from a couple of days ago. When I'm dressed I'm pretty satisfied with how I look, but I know I still have some areas I want to firm up.

"Springing" I go along life's way, Praising the Lord, Praising the Lord. (I took the liberty to change the first word from the chorus of the hymn.) Have a great weekend, everyone, and keep moving.

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