Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet the newest member of our family...

 Hi Ladies, Sorry I haven´t written on the blog much this weekend. I got really tired out and I surpised my boys with a new family member! Read below for the details. or at my personal blog

 I hope to start a Lemonade cleanse tomorrow and keep up with my exercise. It will be a partial cleanse as I will still eat our big meal of the day.  It is a special type or cleanse that is very healthy. My mom will be doing it with me.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Keep springing and keep on keeping on for Jesus. Don´t let discouragement get you down. Praise the name of Jesus and ask Him to give you strength.

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy

I wanted to surprise the boys for all their hard work these last couple of months. They had earned a lot of smiles on their smile charts for all their jobs, and this Saturday, they were doing their jobs pretty much without me telling them. It pleased me so much! I just was bursting while I was talking to my mom on the phone, watching them clean their hamster cage all by themselves, all three of them together.

We needed something special! Something to show them that Mommy was so proud of them.

It was time for a new member of the family!

May I introduce you to Reeses Pieces - lovingly called Reese.

She is only 6wks old  and is babied and pampered all day long. I wonder how she will turn out?

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