Friday, April 29, 2011

And Our Winners are......

All of you!!!

You all are more than conquerors through Christ! 

1st - overall points -Made to Crave book (or $15 gift certificate)
Alice Dysert 
- with a total of 603 points - 
68 hours of exercise,
 5 pounds lost, 
 7.3 inches lost. 

Charlie Crawford 
83 hours of exercise! 
 I will be giving her the Made to Crave Book as well, for all her hard work in helping moderate the blog! 
Thank you, Charlie! I couldn´t have done it without you.

2nd- overall weight lost - $10 gift certificate
with a total of 567 points
22 inches (57 cm)
5 pounds lost ( 2.3 kilos)

3rd- overall inches lost - $10 gift certificate
Sarah De
with a total of 512 points, 
11 pounds lost, 
 18 inches!

I am still waiting to hear from our junior members. 

Great job, ladies! I wish I could give everyone of you a special gift for all your hard work! Actually, I plan to make a cook book from all of our recipies. It will be in PDF. It will take me some time to figure it out, but that´s the plan. That´s your certificate for finishing the challenge! 

Please keep writing on the blog and keep in touch. 

On the Fitness Journey for life with you,
Dani Joy

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