Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah D. journal mid-week 8

It's almost the end of week 8, and I agree with Dani Joy - where has the week gone?! I had grand plans for this week, some of which never materialized. I kept up the exercise until Saturday. My husband was out of town, due to come back Saturday, so I thought I would exercise Saturday morning before he got back. Well, I was up most of the night Friday night with a sick 3-year-old. So I was completely exhausted all day Saturday (seriously, it felt like jet lag! I am not sure I have been that tired since I have had a newborn!) and there was no way I was going to exercise.

I also had planned on Saturday being my "free day" as far as food went. But then I had no appetite almost all day long. It was the weirdest thing. I had a smoothie for breakfast, and then by lunchtime I was so hungry I was literally shaking. But I had no appetite. So I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey for lunch just to eat something! Then in the evening we had a cookout as a team to welcome a new family to our team, but my kids were so tired I had to leave early to put them to bed, and hardly ate anything for dinner either! Oh well.

And then with the lack of sleep I feel like I am getting sick and even though I exercised yesterday (Monday) I did not feel very well this morning so I skipped the exercise this morning, which I really didn't want to do. I HAVE been drinking my 2L of water each day which doesn't seem to be doing much to keep the sniffles away but it can't hurt, right?!

One thing that is good is that we got all the stuff from our furlough crate on Saturday! The crate arrived in Sentani (the coastal town where our main offices are) last week, and my hubby emptied it and loaded up the airplane on Saturday and flew it all up! So, I got to try on all my pants that were packed in there... and they fit! They did not fit at the end of furlough and they fit now! What a great feeling! So I will end this post on that happy note :-)
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