Monday, April 4, 2011

Sarah D mid-week journal

Since we get points for extra posts this week, I figured I better at least get my 2 journal posts in! I am not a very good blogger!!!

I NEVER weigh myself mid-week. I figure that if I just weigh on Wednesdays, all my fluctuations will have taken care of themselves, and I will just get my results for each week, since I am only going to give myself points for my weigh-in on Wednesday, anyway. Well, this week I felt like weighing this morning, for some reason (Monday) and I wasn't expecting much since I wasn't down at all last week, and last week was Nix the Fix! Well, I was down 2 1/2 lbs! Wowwee! That makes a grand total of 8 lbs so far this challenge! I am not going to give myself points for it yet, we will see what the scale says on Wednesday, but I am hoping that this weight loss sticks!!! That was not even first thing in the morning like i usually do, but after I ate breakfast and exercised. I am sure that I had lost some weight through sweat (ha ha!) but I probably also drank about 30 oz of water already, too! So, we'll see!!! I definitely notice certain pairs of pants getting looser. I really don't understand people that say they lost 20 pounds and 4 pants sizes becuase honestly even if I lost 30 pounds I probably would only be a size smaller. But I am sure happy that some of my pants are smaller!

Here is what I am hoping for... pretty soon we should be getting our crate that we sent back from furlough. (It is a small crate - our mission pays for us to have excess luggage coming back from furlough - we only get a 6 month furlough every 3 1/2 years... So instead of taking excess luggage we took the cash instead and sent a crate. There were some issues with shipments so our crate sat for a while but it finally got sent a little over a month ago and now is on its way to us. We hope to get it in the next week or two! ) Anyway, in the crate I have some pants that fit me at the beginning of furlough but were kinda tight by the time we were ready to come back here. So, my goal is that by the time we get the crate, those pants will actually fit me again! We'll see!!!

I have cheated a bit these last couple of days. Nothing huge. Just like when my husband is having a bowl of ice cream for dessert, I will have one spoonful. That is not as good as eating NO ice cream, but sure is better than having a whole bowlful! And eating a Skittle or two when I give them to my kids, that kind of thing. I need to step up the discipline and cut those out again but I figure, hey, if ONE skittle or one spoonful of ice cream cuts the craving, what's the harm!? :-)

I have been exercising pretty hard, getting in an hour here and there some days. On Saturday I even asked my husband to come walk with me. He agreed but once we were out there, he said, Whoa, I can't keep up with you! I said, I am out here to exercise!!! So I made sure we got a good workout, but we got some good conversation in, too (yes, I was sweating and breathing hard, we weren't just strolling!) I love when I can exercise WITH my hubby!
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