Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 9 El Cid

Hello from Petrer, Spain! This is our mountain--El Cid!

These past weeks has been busy, and as activity and responsibility increases, my exercise tie decreases. Somehow 2 points did not seem to motivate me enough (just kidding, Dani Joy, I'm not complaining!) But I keep on moving. My weight or size have not changed, but I love feeling the pain in my buttocks' muscles after I push myself! I continue to eat healthy, but my appetite for vegetables has dropped some these days. I'll have to do another week of no-carbs before this challenge is over.
I'll share the pictures from the hike two weeks ago. This is how far behind I am. Notice the bottles of water. I carried those full all the way up, and drank them by the time I got down (I almost dropped them at some points as the way down got really tough).

I just noticed all the pictures were of the way up.
This next week we have three days of school and then we are home for almost two weeks! Yeah!! See what kind of exercise and diet plan we can follow! Last night my daughter said we should have carrots and tomatoes as we watched the soccer game. Then they start adding pop corn, ice cream, and before you know it, the healthy snack has been sabotaged! Good thing I don't like ice-cream!

Have a great week, everyone- take time to reflect on Jesus' work of redemption!

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