Sunday, May 15, 2011

First week and Battling the Allergies

Hi Ladies,
This picture was taken at mother's day. It was soo much fun having my three children with me on that special day!:) I hope your day was special too! :-)
My first week of the summer challenge has been just that -- a challenge. The month of May is the worst for me and the allergies, but I have tried very hard to exercise this week and mostly inside. I got in running on my track several times, Jillian's dvds and three days of swimming. I couldn't get an hour of exercise every day because the allergies really got me down, and I am trying to organize our little office that we have about 10 yards from our house.
My weight has stayed the same all week which is a good thing, but in order to lose more I am going to have to up my exercise program and stop snacking during meals.
I hope you all had a good week of healthy eating and exercise,
Sharla G.
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