Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Another Week ...

Danielle's post about consistency is very, very true and always what I need to hear. Thanks Danielle!

I missed 2 days of water points. =( and only got 2 days of exercise points. =( I now have a baseline for calories and reminded myself that writing them down, tends to stop me from snacking as much as normal. I need to post the daily totals as an accountability for me. I realize they are high. Now that I know what I am used to eating, I am planning to take steps to reduce them. But these are the facts for last week. Wed -2006, Thurs - 1856, Fri - 1985, Sat - 1675, Sun - free day (Sizzler salad bar + peanut butter m & m's= don't want to know) Mon - 1807, Tues - 2204. Weight only -0.4. Inches only -0.5. That is what happens when I don't drink my water. I'll remember. =)

Hoping you all have a great week!
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