Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah D Week 1 results

Well, I actually forgot to weigh myself on Wednesday at my usual time (first thing in the morning) and by the time I remembered I had already eaten, exercised, drank lots of water, etc. And then we were out of town on Thursday morning, so I ended up weighing on Friday. I was down a half a pound. Which isn't great, but at least the scale isn't UP! :-) I was also down 1 inch (lost 1/2 inch in two different places).

Yesterday I was majorly craving a piece of chocolate cake with thick chocolate frosting... well, I didn't get any yesterday but I think I am going to declare today my "free" day and make a nice big cake this morning :-)

I have been doing pretty well with the exercise, even when my exercise buddy hasn't been around or has been sick. I didn't get any exercise on Thursday when we were out of town but I will exercise this morning to make up for it. Actually I hope to make it a habit to start exercising on Saturdays as well, something I didn't do much of the last challenge.
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