Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 7 - Sarah K.

Hi Friends,
I apologizing for not being here. I had too many deadlines and not enough time. Fortunately, all the deadlines are past and I have much more "free time" right now.
I weighed and measured on Monday (to take the place of last weeks weigh in and measurements) and then started Day 3 of a program called Slimming Made Simple. When I weighed and measured today I was pleased with how well it is going.
I can not recommend it for healthy weight loss. I just wanted something to jump start me and get me on my way for the summer while I figured out my plan for the rest of the year.
Calories for Monday 1058-11, Tuesday 1258-1300. (I forgot and don't want to go downstairs to find the paper, yet.)
Weight loss since Monday 3.6 lbs
Inches lost since last weigh in 3.5
I drank all of my water the last 2 days. I had 60 min of exercise yesterday and 20 min on Mon. I am sore and trying to talk myself into exercising today.
Thanks for being here. I am anxious to read how you all have been doing.
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