Monday, October 17, 2011

Amy B's Introductory Post

Greetings to everyone from New England. I live in Massachusetts, and this picture was taken at the fair recently with my Dad and my sister's (Madridmom) two youngest children. It has been great to have them back in the states for furlough and to be able to spend some time with them.
My husband is the Director of Camp Northfield, a Christian camp here in Mass. We love serving God here, and He has allowed us to be here for 30 years now.
This is my second Christmas Crunch challenge. For me it will be about getting back on the right track, refocusing my eating and exercising habits, and regaining the losses that I saw last year. My weight and measurements haven't changed too much, but since they are creeping back up there I know that I must get serious again. Thank you Dani!
I will post my starting measurements below. I am up 4 pounds from my lowest weight, but am still down 14 from my highest weight in April of 2009 when this journey began for me. I can not emphasize enough how much better I have felt these past two years, and how much more energy I have had. This alone should motivate me to continue to maintain my losses!!
My goals for this crunch are to eat better, healthier meals once again and cut way back on the sweets and junk food. This week i have been focusing on drinking more water, eating more fruit and trying to walk at least 20 min each day.
Another goal is to get back to working out at the gym 2 days each week, in addition to walking here at home the other 3 or 4 days. I would very much like to say goodbye to 141 and get back into the 130's for my weight. I am stating here that I would like to lose 5 lbs., putting me at a new low of 136. My final goal is to practice more with posting on the blog, enabling me to improve these skills.
Measurements for 10/13
weight 141
bust 36
chest 31
waist 32
hips 43
l. arm 10.5
r. arm 10.5
l. thigh 25
r.thigh 24

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