Thursday, October 13, 2011

CCCIII - Sarah D Introductory post

My first challenge was the Spring into Shape II which was this past spring. I had never participated in one of Dani Joy's challenges before and when I got her e-mail inviting me to join, I was at my breaking point!

After 2 children and a furlough, I weighed way more than what I should have, and was very discouraged that the weight was not coming off. I gained a lot of weight with both of my pregnancies (50 lbs each time!) and I was not one of those fortunate people who loses weight while breastfeeding! I also had gained about 10 pounds on furlough, and although it had been about 5 months since we had returned from furlough, I had not lost any of that weight. I was pretty discouraged, since I felt I was eating much more healthy than when we were on furlough, and was also walking briskly just about every morning with a friend.

So I got Dani Joy's e-mail and joined the challenge. At first I did not plan to make any changes to my diet, but after about a week I decided "something's gotta give!" and I cut out desserts completely (except for that one wonderful "treat" day every week!) I stepped up the exercise, and by the end of that first challenge had lost 11 pounds! I kept up the work through the summer challenge and so far have lost almost 25 pounds! I would still like to lose at least 10 and maybe 20 more pounds (20 would get me down to what I was pre-pregnancy with my first child), so we'll see what happens!

Anyway, here's a bit more about me... My husband Dan and I are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Wamena, Papua, Indonesia. We have two girls ages 5 and 3, and they definitely keep me on my toes all day long!

Here is a picture of our family taken back in May:

And a few photos of my progress so far...

Here is a picture I took at the beginning of my journey (210 pounds!)

Here is what I look like now:

I think I am even starting to get some muscle definition! That pesky tricep area is still flabby but I'll work on it!!!

And, here you can see how I carry my weight... definitely all in my lower half... I'm a girl with junk in my trunk, no matter how skinny I am! (This is for Vicki K. who wondered how we can have almost the same measurements but I still weigh more than she does... it's all the junk in my trunk! :-))

Oh, and before I forget, here are my starting measurements:
5 feet, 10 inches tall (I don't think that is going to change! Ha!)
186.5 pounds (I actually got down to 185 but the last couple weeks have not been good for me in the discipline area, so I'm up a bit...)
(my measurements are also a bit higher than the end of the last challenge, although I am down in weight. Not sure how that works, but oh well!)
Bust - 36
Chest - 30
Waist - 31
Hips - 43
R & L Thighs - 25
R & L Arms - 12.5

So, there you have it! Sorry my post got so long and rambling :-) I am looking forward to meeting all of the rest of you and "crunching" together with you!
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