Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dani´s Journal 5 - CCCIII


Really I don´t like to call it a diet, as you know, because then I rebel against it. Sooo this is just the way I eat to stay fit and healthy! It is our fitness journey for life! 

MY metabolism finally kicked back in!!! Praise the Lord!

I stepped on the scales this morning a little aprehensively, because all my exercise hasn´t seem to have done any good these last few weeks. I increased my exercise at the beginning of this challenge and have been a little disappointed at first with the results, not realizing that my body was in need of something else. 

I started mixing up my workouts a little bit more, doing more aerobic style and burning 100-200 more calories a workout. This has made a big difference, but the biggest difference is in our SWEET FREE week 3

Ladies, it works! Cut out those extra sugar calories and you will drop the weight! Once the sugar is out of your system you don´t even want it anymore. I know we have been saying it all along, and I have felt it before. This time, though, I just wasn´t getting it. NOW, I think I have gotten it out of my system, my body is shedding the pounds!! YIPPEEE! Thank you, Lord!

As of date, I have lost 3 pounds finally, after a few months of plateaus. 

Thank you, ladies, for keeping at it! This keeps us all crunching.

Have a lovely Lord´s day tomorrow, take a day of rest, enjoy a few treats on me! You may choose one day during our Sweet Free day to not subtract points. This is your free day. ENJOY but then get right back at it the whole next week. Great! You can do it! 

Crunching with ya,
Dani Joy
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