Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction - Theresa

Hello, my name is Theresa. This is my introductory post. I really don't enjoy talking about myself. I am a 44- year old, single missionary in Botswana. Since I've been here I started eating more, especially bready stuff and chocolates. But I still consume endless cups of coffee. I've gained some weight, not a whole lot, but enough for me to want to lose it. My biggest struggle is making sure I drink water in the day.


Sarah W. said...

I'm glad your here Theresa and doing this with me! You're way too modest about yourself so I will just tell everyone that you are an amazing women! :)

Dani Joy said...

Welcome, Theresa!

So glad you want to participate. We look forward to getting to knowing you. You maybe a blessing to all of us with your expieriances and thoughts.

Crunching with ya,
Dani Joy

KathyH said...

Welcome Theresa!

So glad you're joining us and you'll have to get over this modesty so we can get to know you :o)