Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sarah D Update Mid-week 2

Ladies, how are you all doing? I hope that you are keeping up the momentum, now that we are in our 2nd week!

I have been doing pretty well. Trying to keep the added sugar out of my diet. I have found, though, that there is a certain brand of Chinese orange gummies that I will NOT be buying "for the kids" any longer... as most of them will end up in my tummy! I just don't have the willpower to not eat those things! So, they will not be coming into my house any more!

I have been feeling a bit icky all week, like I'm coming down with a cold but just never *quite* getting there. So I did not exercise on Tuesday but have been able to exercise 40 minutes all the other days this week. I did not do any "formal" exercise this morning, but just got back from playing frisbee out on the field with my hubby and daughters. I am quite sweaty, so I will count that for 20 minutes today!

I did not measure this week but I did weigh and I was down a pound. That is encouraging, but I think I have in my mind certain "threshholds" that I would like to overcome. Right now I am 185.5. A couple of years ago I was exercising pretty well, and got my weight down to about what it is now. Then for some reason the scale just started creeping back up over a matter of weeks. Honestly, NOTHING changed with my eating habits or my exercise. But unexplicably, my weight climbed back up, about 10 pounds... it was very discouraging. So, I would like to get past this hurdle that I have (in my mind, anyway!) I will be excited once I get down past 180. I think in my mind, that will confirm that all this exercise is REALLY working!

Blessings to all of you! Keep up the good work!
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