Monday, October 10, 2011

Five Steps to Getting Strong

Five Steps

1. Get Praying - 
Obviously, we pray God will help us drop the weight, right, but are we praying for discipline, self-control, and consistancy?

2. Get a plan- 

Not a diet, but an exercise plan and a well balanced eating habit that you can live with. ( I recommend cutting back on all white flour products and white sugar if not cutting them totally out of your diet altogether)

3. Get moving- 
Stick to your exercise plan daily. Be sure to move at least 20 minutes a day. If you have a lot more weight to lose increase this till you are exercising vigerously at least a half hour a day, with one day of rest. 

4. Get measuring-
Measuring is one of the best ways to see your progress. And here you receive points for it too! ;)

5. Get Accountability-  
Encouraging each other to do our best for Jesus is Biblical. Taking care of our bodies for His glory and helping each other stay on track, is the best ways to stay on track.   

Please, don´t hesitate to share here, it is a private blog among sisters. One criterea is always be positive in our comments and uplift the other. 

May God´s strength lift you up when you are weak. 

Crunching it with ya,
Dani Joy

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