Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dani's journal 9- CCCIII

Just to give you all an idea how to count points this week.
Today I ate

Breakfast - 2 pieces of ww toast with cheese and ham. One with cream cheese the other with normal cheese. - 2 pts ( not three because I chose not to have fruit)

Snack - 1/2 banana with sf pb. 1pt

Lunch - broccoli chicken pasta with cheese 2pts (pasta was veggie but I am not taking a pt for that) yogurt no sugar light- 1 pt

Snack- coffee sf, sf chocolate 1square 1pt

Supper- 3 rice cakes whole grAin, 1 sausage, salad, 1/2 glass apple cider - 3pts

try not to drink juices with added sugar, no points for them. Sf Coffee and tea are free.

I will not eat any more tonight.

Animo, Ladies!
Be consistent and it will pay off.

Crunching with ya

Dani Joy
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