Thursday, November 24, 2011

Go Sporting!

These are my two sons Cristofer and Nicolas. They made a lightening trip up to Gijon 3 weeks ago to see a soccer game of Sporting and Bilbao. Since my oldest son Critofer was born there, he is a great fan of Sporting Gijon. Sorry Dani that they couldn't stop and say" hi" but they only had time to visit their Grandma after the game and come home:)

They are my inspiration to keep on doing exercise as they are very athletic as I was when I was younger. I keep them inspired also as they see their 50 year old mother still trying to stay fit and healthy. Nicki always says, "If mom can do this, then I surely can".

Cristofer has always been in soccer and has had two operations on both of his knees but that does not stop him from doing sports and staying fit. My Nicki was born with a severe case of cleft palate and has had 9 operations in his 16 years, but that has not kept him from doing sports and staying healthy. The Lord has given him health to be able to do sports. Being good at sports has given him a lot of self esteem.

In my opinion I think it is good to put your children in some kind of sport or at least have them do some kind of exercise for their total well being. Starting good healthy habits when they are young help them to continue doing so as they get older.

Many blessings to all,

Sharla G.
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