Sunday, November 20, 2011


If any of you are not familiar with Prayfit, I would recommend a brief article.
Up & down describes my weight. On & off describes my level of commitment to REALLY losing the weight. Last Resort (SADLY) describes how I've felt about going to God CONSISTENTLY about my battle with food, exercise & my weight!
As I'm writing these words I feel this enormous weight being lifted off of me. I am realizing FINALLY that if I would just go to God every day & EVERY time I am tempted to make a bad food choice, He would be SO happy to help me! My Heavenly Father loves me more than the best earthly father loves a child & he WANTS me to succeed in this! He WANTS me to be healthy!
It's hard to believe, understand & admit that even having been a Christian for 30+ years since I was a child there is still SO much that I have to learn about the Lord & the Bible...but more than that, how much I am learning to love the Lord & want a Close, PERSONAL relationship with Him...not just spending time reading the Bible to check something off a list or praying before meals & at bedtime to *set a good example* but consciously thinking about whether the choices I make please Him...the same way that I would consider the thoughts & feelings of my spouse/best friend & making that relationship stronger by SHOWING my commitment, not just saying it! WOW!
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