Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarah W's Journal #5

Checking in as well. You know, I am really glad to have this place. Here I was thinking, "I am just sure I am the only one who is struggling...." but reading the other posts....I am not alone! The past two weeks have been a bit hard with the trip and then when I got home I wasn't feeling well so my work outs were less. As a result this is the first week I have lost no inches and I am still the same weight wise. Now I am grateful that I am not gaining, but I would really love to see that scale budge! :) I also look at pictures of myself from recent and am not happy that I am still not seeing changes. I am feeling them in my clothes but nothing so dramatic that people are noticing or its reflecting on pictures. Aurgh!

However......I am not giving up! If anything, it's made me mad enough to push through and do something more! Sometimes you have to get mad to get motivated right? :) I am not happy with the way I look and feel....somethings got to change.

Ladies thank you for sharing your thoughts too and being honest. This is a safe place and it's good to know I am not alone! I am rooting for each of you!! If it's one thing this challenge has taught me so far, is that I need to develop good habits. Thanks to Dani Joy's points it's helped me see some trouble areas that I need to work on. Having the challenges helps me hone in on the areas I am weak on. No time better to do that during the holiday's when it's the hardest!

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