Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tip for Thanksgiving from my favorite Trainer

Prepping for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Well, rock stars, at the risk of sounding cliché, it's that time of year again: holiday time. From now through the hors d'oeuvre–happy New Year's Eve celebrations at the end of December, these late-fall/early-winter months are notorious willpower crushers. It's often easy to forget about your journey when you find yourself face-to-face with a mile-long buffet table piled high with every delicacy and scrumptious treat that you've ever included on your "NO" list. But you've worked too hard to blow it now! Trust me, I know it's temptation time, and you are probably scared to death about the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching. But, think about it: If you're the host, this is your opportunity to make this a healthy Thanksgiving for all! If you are a guest, contribute by bringing your own (healthy) dish! Need some more help? Here are some important tips to help get you through the day:
  • Go naked! Turkey is a great source of lean protein, but make sure the serving that hits your plate is skinless. And bypass the gravy boat: This often-overlooked offender is typically made from fat drippings that have been thickened with butter and flour.
  • Stock up on veggies! Except for those that are drenched with butter or oil, these sides are a great way to fill up without piling on the calories. The same goes for water, which can help you beat the bloat.
  • Go very easy on the mashed potatoes and stuffing. Look, I'm a realist and I know that for many, Thanksgiving is hardly complete without these two classic sides. So if you're not bringing your own healthy mashed cauliflower, make sure you're working all those extra calories into your daily allowance.
  • Conquer the tryptophan! Going for a brisk walk after dinner is a great way not only to keep you off the couch and help you digest, but also to fit some calorie burning into a night in which exercise is usually sidelined.
  • Skip the leftovers! Thanksgiving dinner is a one-meal deal. It's a dinner — not a drawn-out three- or four-day eating event. Once you've enjoyed a moderate holiday meal, then fight the urge to take little containers of those tempting dishes and desserts home with you. If it's not at your house, you can't eat it!
Most importantly, be realistic. If you try to completely abstain from treats — every single day, not just on holidays — you'll end up miserable and on a surefire path to disaster. Keep it real and set practical expectations for yourself as you face each challenging meal this holiday season. With proper planning, you'll have a positive head start on a healthy New Year!

Just Say No!

When it comes to the holidays, bypassing family members' comments can be as tough as bypassing the fattening desserts. It goes without saying that not everyone will understand the healthy lifestyle you've created for yourself. Whether it's ridiculing your new habits or tempting you with seconds, don't let these naysayers drag you down with their lack of support. Avoid them if you must. But don't be afraid to be firm and stand up for yourself. After all, this isn't their journey, it's yours.
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