Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update from Alice

Hi ladies!

I am struggling. My weight has actually gone up since the start of the challenge, I have been horrible about exercising and eating right. Some of that has been due to the craziness and traveling of furlough but I can't blame all of it on that. I did push and get more exercise in on the double points week but I have been away from home for the last 5 days and haven't fit any exercise in. I thought I would have time to do so during the days of this mission conference but I have been doing sightseeing with the family in the afternoon. At least it has been a bunch of walking .... In the mornings I have been speaking at the Christian school with my husband and then I have been getting some adjustments done by a chiropractor from the church who said he would see me each day we are here if I am interested. He has given me some neck exercises to do and was fairly firm with me that it is essential that I get in the habit of doing them or I am going to be in serious trouble when I am old.

I just read the nix the fix and the thought of the point-keeping at this stage of the challenge especially as I am going to be traveling this whole next week has me thinking I should just not worry about points anymore. I think it is perhaps too hard to try to do the record keeping and I don't want to ruin our family vacation by obsessing over food all the time. The trick will be to not just let everything go to pot just because I am no longer paying attention to winning points. I will still be weighing regularly once I get back home where there is a scale available to me.

I will stop in every once in a while when I can.
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