Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vicki - final journal post

Well, ladies,
I guess we have made it to the end of this challenge! I have not done so well at keeping up with the blog, even though I have kept up with the excercising and drinking water. And I am happy to report that the hard work has paid off! In the last few weeks I lost 3 pounds! Hooray! I was especially happy since we had already been indulging occasionally in Christmas treats. I think I was more aware though of what I had to do to keep the weight off if I was still going to enjoy some treats. :)

Well, I am going to keep this short as I need to go downstairs and finish up some Christmas meal preparations before going to bed tonight! I am thankful for all who particpated and were an encouragement to me.

Final results: I didn't see any change in measurements - I think that is because I am so close to my "ideal" weight, so I would have to lose quite a lot to see the changes. However, I lost 3 pounds, and I can tell a little difference in some of my clothes when I get dressed in the morning. That is encouraging!

Keep up the good work until we have another challenge.

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