Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years 2012 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Points Reviewed

Point system Reviewed - 
 Post each day your food journal= 1pt,
1hour of exercise = 1 pt,
1 plate of fruit and veggies (4-5 servings) = 1pt,
1pound lost = 1pt, 2 quarts/liters water = 1pt,
and a new catagory
NO SUGAR the whole day ( white sugar and white sugar products ) = 1pt

Post your points for the day and total to date.
I am also keeping a written journal of my own. Just an idea.
Well, off to swim with my boys.
Praying for you all as you start your 30 day New Years Fitness Challenge. Praying that it will last a lifetime!

Dani Joy

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