Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dani´s Post 6

Day 14 - March 27 - Post 6

Yesterday Monday

3 exercise points - I ran 2 miles and walked 20 min

2 HEP points

2 water points

Today - Tuesday March 27 - I went to Santander to pick up our Guests. Kathy and her Husband Matt are here on vaccation from Germany. It is there 4th time coming to see us. I love having Kathy come. ;) It is amazing to me that we are from all over the world and Little ol me get´s to meet and know you all.

We ate really healthy too! I am so excited. I pray I will see a change in the scales. No added sugar today! but tonight I had a couple mini empanadas with my egg tortilla.

2 exercise points - I ran all over the place, and then walked up from the local with Kathy and the boys, WE even did the 4 flights of stairs.

2 posts and tip points

1 HEP points

2 water points

Two day total - 14points

89 total
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